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Welcome to actor house

When you get an out of town gig, part of the fun is getting an email from your producer with the address for the actor house.

The actor house is the space that will shelter you during rehearsal and performance weeks. Usually you live there with a cast mate or two (or five). To this day, after working in this industry for decades, getting the keys to the actor house is still a thrill for me.

It's home. It's community. It says "Hey! You are working!"

In the actor house, conversations are had. Bonds are made. Respite is found. Work happens.

Over the years, I have encountered countless people and we've enjoyed numerous conversations about the business: its joys and its seeming roadblocks. How many times do these conversations happen in a theatre greenroom between two or three people; over a meal on dinner break with a couple of castmates; or maybe sitting in the actor house. But these conversations seems to happen in miniature and they almost always seem happen between people who are actively working in the industry.

This space is a virtual actor house. It's here when you need a little shelter. It'll be here if you need some advice and conversation. It's here if you are looking for an exercise to hone your skills. It'll be here for community. It will hopefully have answers to questions that you have.

There are a lot of people out there who don't have the keys to the actor house right now - literally or metaphorically.

I have stories to share, advice to give and lessons to teach. I know a lot of people who do. I bet you do too.

So, welcome to actor house. Find your seat at the table.

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