Old dog, new tricks.

So, I've been at this acting thing for awhile. At the risk of aging myself, my first paid acting job was in 1999. This has been my job for most of my adult life. I was lucky enough to train with amazing people at Trinity Rep (this includes my instructors, my mentors and my classmates). But with all these years of training and work (and training others ... I'm a tenure track professor of acting at Clemson University), 2015 holds in its days some new ventures. That being the case, it seemed like a good time to start a website and include a blog. So, here goes.

This month is of particular excitement as in a few weeks I start rehearsing for Richard III at The Warehouse Theatre, a company that has long been my artistic home. With this show, I will be joining Actors' Equity Association, a decision that was years in the making. I will be working with some of my favorite collaborators and doubtlessly making new favorites along the way.

Another new development in 2015, is that after years of talking about it, I am diving into the world of Voiceover. I have been wanting to do this and I decided, resolution-style, that this is the year it is happening. I have done a bit of training, attended a handful of workshops, read a lot, bent the ear of many a friend in the industry, started investing in equipment, created recording space (with the help of tech and audio savvy friends and colleagues) in my office at the university. I'm starting to clear a path that will hopefully lead to some work!

I know that my acting training will doubtless be a help in this endeavor, but I have to admit that starting this journey feels like I am learning a new language. It's weird to feel like I'm starting a new venture, a new business at the age of 38 (well, if saying my first paid gig was in '99 didn't age me ... I absolutely aged myself just now!). So, that was another reason behind starting this blog: chronicling this journey (both for myself and for anyone who happens upon these words) as I figure out how this new language, this new specialized field works.

So, here's to an old dog learning new tricks.

#acting #voiceover

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